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The lontems D1 is a desktop wireless quick charging launcher.The wireless launch scheme of this product is compatible with Qi wireless charging standard.This product supports wireless quick charge, can realize quick charge of wireless charging device.The product design is simple and easy, easy to operate, guaranteeing the good experience of wireless charging.

D1 product specifications:

Input: DC 5v-2a,DC 9v-1.67a.
Output: 10W Max.
Transmission distance: 5-8mm.
Charging standard: compatible with Qi.
Charging efficiency: 76%.
Quality certification: CE/FCC/ROHS.
Net weight: 100g.
Product size: 100 * H7.6 Ø mm
Product color: black, white.

What is the Qi standard?

Disambiguation: Qi is the world's first promote organization for standardization of Wireless charging technology, the Wireless charging alliance (Wireless Power Consortium, hereinafter referred to as the "union") launched the "charging" standard, with two big features convenience and versatility.First of all, products of different brands can be charged with Qi wireless charger as long as there is a logo of Qi.Second, it overcome the technical bottleneck of wireless charging "generality", in the near future, mobile phones, cameras, computers and other products can use Qi wireless charger, for large-scale application of wireless charging.

How to identify Qi authentication products?

Method 1: through the Qi sign.The Qi flag can only be used for Qi authentication products.Signs and "Qi" are registered trademarks of radio alliance in most countries.The use of these trademarks requires a trademark license.The product with the Qi flag implicitly claims that it is certified by Qi.This is an easy way to do it, but it's not always safe, because the manufacturers of fake products may bypass the fake Qi signs on the product.However, this is a useful indicator for consumers who may not have the patience to use more secure methods 2 and 3.Product files and advertising products can only use the Qi logo (name "Qi") when registering in the Qi certification product database.When the database matches the brand name, product name, and type number, the product is licensed to use the trademark.

Method 2: through the registration certificate.The radio alliance will issue certificates to Qi certification products.This type of certificate is true only when the URL encoded in the certificate brings you to the page where the same product is displayed on our website.Method 2 is the recommended method for professional buyers of wireless charging products.We recommend that the buyer ask their supplier to provide the Qi certificate registration certificate to prove that the product has passed all mandatory testing.

Method 3: by verifying whether the product is in the online Qi certification product database, Qi certification product database contains the list of Qi certification products.If you are not sure whether the product is authenticated, you can check the database for the brand name, product name, and type number to match exactly.

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